Like Seeing an Old Friend

Excerpted review for I’ll Make You Smile Again by Y. Dan Rubinstein


Y. Dan Rubinstein – I’ll Make You Smile Again

Y. Dan Rubinstein is a talented artist with a rather diverse sound. His tracks combine the intimacy of singer-songwriter music, while also adding sprinkles of indie and alternative influences to liven up the sound. His most recent release, “I’ll Make You Smile Again,” is actually a really great example of his sound and concept.

The song has a really warm and organic tone, which really allows the natural dynamics of the performance to shine.

The track begins with a beautifully textural rhythm section, consisting of a simple, yet highly enriching drum pattern, which works wonders in conjunction with the acoustic guitars. If you are a fan of artists the likes of Wilco and Elliott Smith, you are definitely going to enjoy this sound. The tone of this track is elegant and understated, yet it also has a nice level of sophistication to it. The guitar playing, played by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions, stands out,  and I really love how the guitar tracks came out on this one, especially how they spread nicely through the stereo spectrum of the mix, leaving a lot of room for the vocals to unfold.

Y. Dan Rubinstein’s beautiful vocal harmonies and tones make me think of artists such as Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes, or Ben Howard, but there is also a charming retro twist to his sound, which makes me think of influential songwriters such as Nick Drake or Tim Buckley.

There is a really tasteful simplicity to this track, which makes it more familiar, like seeing a dear old friend after many, many years.  The eclectic and diverse creative approach that this artist is able to bring into his sound is absolutely remarkable, and it definitely enhances the listening experience, making the song all the more enjoyable and engaging for the listeners.

Check out “I’ll Make You Smile Again” and do not miss out on Y. Dan Rubinstein’s work!