Stolen Moments

The first real kiss
The late night park
The breath fogged windows
Your blond brown curls
The months that followed
Like a sail unfurled

When you came back
Late that summer
And we knew
That things were wrong
You told me
How you wished you hadn’t
Saved yourself
For so long

Stolen moments
On your childhood bed
Whispered promises
Oh the things we said
Stolen moments
Wished we’d borrowed them instead

Sheathed in silence
The red rose parted
You barely cried
But i wept for months
For the love we had
When we held back
And what never happened
After the fact

Stolen moments
On your childhood bed
Broken promises
Oh the things we said
Stolen moments
Wished we’d borrowed them instead

When I think back
To the nights we spent
Streetlight slits
On your bared back
Can’t remember
Much more at all
Cherry blossoms
In April’s storm

Stolen Moments was one of the first songs I wrote. In our lives and relationships there is always the question of “what if?”. The paths taken and untaken. What if we didn’t meet? What if we didn’t break up? What if we had broken up sooner? Our experiences bring with them a lot of emotion and memories. But there can only be one reality, and no matter how good or bad it is, there is an infinite realm of possibilities and each of those conjures up its own imagined feelings and outcomes. Many of my songs explore this realm of paths not taken.

Stolen Moments is a song about first loves. Everything is new and special and magical because like all first experiences there is nothing to compare them to. We open ourselves, and become vulnerable. Do we regret that vulnerability or does it become part of who we are? Knowing how things turned out, should we have stolen those moments, or borrowed them instead? What would we tell our younger selves if we could?

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