So I Can Dream About It

I’ve been thinking of you
Since you reminded me
About that night
of Sitar strains
And cardamom

I’ve been thinking of you
how you held your eyes
the innocence
of your first taste of
tandoori lamb

So tell me
What happened next
Even if it didn’t
Even if it could never be
Just tell me
What happens next
So I can dream about it
(So I can) dream about it

We climbed the stairs
That Pilgrims knee
the mountain top
The city lights
to the horizon sea

I wonder if
we did kiss
Why we stopped
And how it felt
Did I resist


[final verse]
won’t stop thinking of you
til we meet again
after all these years
and you put to rest
the question of

should i think of you?
should i think of us

do you think of me
as you close your eyes

What if… sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality… “tell me what happened next, even if it didn’t, even if it could never be, so I can dream about it”

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